Small Office Decor

Small Office Decor

Planning out the interior of a small workspace can be deemed a difficult task. Do you keep it minimal and chance it coming off cold and unwelcoming, or do you maximize the décor and risk cluttering up space? Whether you have a small office space or a home office, we’ve compiled some tips for you to get the most out of your compact space.


It’s a given that small spaces have limited floor space, but that doesn’t stop us from using wall space! Elevating your space makes use of the entire area along with drawing the eye upward to make it seem larger.

An easy way to add more surface area on walls is by installing shelving. Shelves are a great way to add décor, extra storage, and surface area to work with. There are some great, functional pieces you can add to your walls, such as filing systems, cabinets, and even desks, that can save floor space. Functional décor such as wall sconces and clocks add another layer of style without taking up much space. The double use of décor and function is a great two for one.

If you’re really tight on space, wall mounted monitors allow smaller desks a more permanent placement of the monitor.

Making use of the amount of wall space will keep furniture and décor off the floors to open up the floor plan for more interesting and unique uses of your small office.

Double Use Furniture

What’s even better than wall-mounted furniture, is double use furniture for small spaces. Utilizing the same piece of furniture for multiple uses saves space and allows creativity to flow.

An ottoman can double up as a coffee table for a lounge area and if it has internal storage, even better! Clocks can function as décor and you can organize items on your shelf for a more pleasing aesthetic. If your space allows for it, fold up desks are great space savers and corkboards are a cleaner alternative to chalkboard walls. They give you the freedom to create mood boards, meetings, and plans that can double up as décor. Stylish shelves can also look great and add more storage. The possibilities are endless!

Enlarge Your Space

Neutral tones are key to making your space seem larger; however, it doesn’t all have to be boring and plain. Pops of color make your space interesting, while the neutral opens up the area.

Instead of dividing up space, try using one cohesive and open plan to enlarge the space without making it feel smaller. Divide up space with rugs. Splurge a little on your furniture since you’ll need less in a smaller space. Artwork and feature pieces should be in the center of your décor. A stylish lamp or chair will create a bold statement and be used frequently!

Some more quick tips are to ensure convenience, keep your office clean, make use of storage, spend intelligently, and prioritize flexibility. If you have all these things in mind, your small office will feel out of this world.

If anything, a smaller space creates a larger canvas to work with. Unleash your creativity and fill the walls up with décor! Grab your small space by the reigns and take hold of having an efficient, beautiful workplace to work in.

Teaming up with an interior designer will help you in the most efficient way possible. Planning Interiors has your back with years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. If you need help with designing the interior of your small office space, give us a call and we’ll be there to make your office a dream. (470) 545-4906

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